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To Engage is to interlock, participate together, bind, and too attract.  This defines what we do - to join with INFLUENCERS like churches, schools, ministries, and individuals to see lives transformed.


Our primary group of influencers are Churches. We love the Church, it is our desire to serve them well so they can accomplish the mission in front of them to reach the lost, disciple believers, and strengthen the family.

We are here to serve our clients with tenacious focus on impacting culture through resources that entertain, that are God-honoring, and that lift up the Gospel.  We know these resources can make an impact, we have seen it happen over and over again.  



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We engage influencers. Churches. Ministries. Education. Sports. Focused Groups.


You can boil down marketing efforts to 2 groups every campaign tries to connect with - Individuals (Consumers), and Influencers, those who influence and impact decisions of Consumers one way or another. When it comes to faith driven media, influencers can be even stronger with content becoming part of a campaign or even providing approval for the content.

Our greatest strength is STRATEGY. All of us solve problems, that is pretty much what work is no matter what that work is. Trash collectors solve problems, doctors, auto mechanics, day care workers - pretty much at the core of everything is solving problems. Our clients connect with us because we can solve some of the problems they face like telling influencers about their movie, event, or resource. Maybe even deeper than telling them about it, they come to us to help connect with influencers who will buy or use the product they have to share. There are many roads to the same destination, we understand that most problems have many ways to be solved - this is what STRATEGY is all about. Maximize experience and explore new ways to get there. 

Tactically, here are some of the roads we take to get you to your destination:

Communication Team - Our team that connects daily with Influencers one on one.

Team Leading - We can lead your campaign for you, pull the team together, and keep things moving

Ambassadors - Grass roots influencers who join your campaign as prayer warriors and local advocates

Email  - We have some great ideas and strategy around this, from our lists to our Communication Team.

Strategic Mail - We still believe an oversized postcard on an influencers desk makes a big impact

Events - taking your brand to relevant events where influencers gather should be part of all campaigns / we can also develop events around your brand from simulcasts to tours.

Webcasts - there are many ways and reasons to engage influencers this way, we will explore with you

Endorsements - getting the support of influencers who will get behind you in words or video

Partnerships - connecting like minded orgs together for win-win relationships

Network Engagement - networks of influencers can move the needle fast and deep

Product Sampling - screening movies, sending book chapters, a great event video - people need a sample

and more.....

When you call on us, our first step is learn about you. Then we provide a proposal with an overview and timeline based on our understanding of the project and goals. Once you receive this, we can dial it in together and then begin deploying the strategy.

We do believe in a process: AWARENESS - ACTIVATION - ACTION - this process is what we follow to get you where you want to go. The time and resources available will dictate how far we get in each step.


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