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Scott Mills is the Chief Engagement Officer and Owner of Engage Media Partners.  For more than 20 years, Mills has been engaging media with redeeming values and Christ Honoring entertainment. From the music industry to publishing, and now film, Scott has been part of many successful campaigns including the launch of new Bible study brands, Chart topping songs, and Box Office marvels such as “War Room”, “God’s Not Dead”, and “I Can Only Imagine.” Since 2010, Mills has worked with over 100 films with a combined box office of over $800 Million. Mills began his marketing career in the music industry promoting songs to radio stations across the US.  Both at Sparrow Records and then as an indie promoter, Mills had 60 songs reach #1 across several music genres.


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Angi Flatt is the Project Manager at Engage Media Partners. Prior to coming on board at EMP, Angi spent 12 years as a trusted procurement pro in publishing and marketing arenas. In 2012 she began work with a film promotion company as Project Manager and worked on theatrical films such as God’s Not Dead, When The Game Stands Tall and Do You Believe? Angi is all about the details, our clients engage Angi on projects that need this special skill.  While at EMP, Angi has worked on films such as Woodlawn, 90 Minutes in Heaven, and Voiceless.  Angi manages the communication team for EMP while managing all project flow and team management.


Marisa Borden has been a part of the Communications Team since August 2016. She taught elementary school for four years in both California and Tennessee before taking some time off to start a family. While she may not be working with students anymore, she is still using her strengths in organization and communication to help engage churches with upcoming films and other media opportunities. 

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Angie Trottman joined Engage Media Partners' Communication Team in the Summer of 2016. Angie has an extensive background in music, including a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy and is a Certified Director/Teacher of Music Together, an early childhood music program. She is a Mid-Westerner at heart, but has lived in the Northeast, on the West Coast and currently resides in the South. Angie loves to engage with and get to know people from all walks of life, which is a great asset as she reaches out to churches and organizations around the country, connecting them with films and events that have the ability to make a great impact. 

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Lindy Sullivan joined Engage Media Partner's communication team in February of 2019. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She has over 9 years of experience working for a Christian publishing company in an administrative position where she was the point of contact for managers and helped to solve problems and assist in daily operations.  She loves her role at EMP, which allows her to utilize her strong communication skills by working with people and churches to connect them with movies, events, and other ministry opportunities.

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